Hula Hoop Events and Festivals Around the World

Hula hooping has grown in popularity, transcending its simple origins as a child’s toy to become a global phenomenon. This surge in popularity has led to numerous hula hoop events and festivals sprouting up around the world, where hoopers of all levels can learn, share, and celebrate their passion for this dynamic art form. Here are some notable hula hoop events and festivals that you might consider attending.

1. HoopCamp (USA)

HoopCamp is one of the largest annual hula hoop retreats in the world. Held in California, USA, this event brings together a community of hula hoopers for several days of workshops, performances, and hoop jams. Hoopers can learn new tricks, improve their techniques, and connect with other enthusiasts in a beautiful, natural setting.

2. The Australian Hoop Convention (Australia)

The Australian Hoop Convention is a yearly event that invites hoopers from all over Australia and beyond to participate in a variety of workshops. From beginners to advanced hoopers, there is something for everyone. The convention usually ends with a grand performance night where participants can showcase their skills.

3. Hoopurbia (Germany)

Hoopurbia is an urban hula hoop festival held in Berlin, Germany. This event merges hooping with dance, music, and other art forms to create a unique cultural experience. Attendees can participate in workshops, go on hoop city adventures, and witness breathtaking performances.

4. HoopFest New Zealand (New Zealand)

HoopFest New Zealand is an annual hula hoop festival that offers workshops for all skill levels. The event focuses on celebrating and promoting the art of hula hooping in New Zealand. It culminates in a gala show featuring local and international performers.

5. UK Hoop Gathering (United Kingdom)

The UK Hoop Gathering is a weekend hula hoop retreat held in England. It’s a great opportunity for hoopers to learn from experienced instructors, attend a variety of workshops, and engage in hoop play sessions. The event aims to create a welcoming and inclusive space for the UK’s hooping community.

6. Spin Matsuri (Japan)

Spin Matsuri, held in Japan, is an international gathering for hoop enthusiasts and spinners of all kinds. This event emphasizes sharing, learning, and community. It offers a variety of workshops, performance opportunities, and plenty of time for spontaneous hoop jams.

These are just a few of the hula hoop events and festivals held around the world. They not only offer hoopers the opportunity to learn and develop their skills, but also to be part of a vibrant, global community that shares a passion for this playful and creative form of expression.

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