Advanced Hula Hoop Choreographies and Routines: Taking Your Hooping to the Next Level

Once you have mastered the basics of hula hooping, it’s time to elevate your hooping skills with advanced choreographies and routines. Not only can these challenging moves enhance your fitness and coordination, but they also provide an opportunity to express your creativity and have fun. Here’s an overview of advanced hula hoop choreographies and routines you can incorporate into your practice.

Isolations and Off-Body Tricks

Isolations are tricks where the hoop seems to be floating in one place while your hand moves around. They add a magical, mesmerizing element to your hoop dance. Start with basic isolations before moving on to more complex variations like iso-pops, linear isolations, and cateyes.

Off-body tricks are those where the hoop is not in contact with your core (waist, chest, or hips). These tricks provide a fantastic way to add variety and dynamism to your routines. Some popular off-body tricks include the vortex, escalators, wedgies, and coin flips.

Body Rolls and Tosses

Body rolls are graceful and powerful moves where the hoop rolls across your body. These can be performed in numerous ways, such as chest roll, back roll, or vertical roll.

Hoop tosses add an element of risk and flair to your hoop dance. Tosses can be vertical or horizontal, with one hand or both, and you can add a spin or body turn before catching the hoop.

Mandalas and Twin Hooping

Mandalas are a type of behind-the-back pass that creates beautiful patterns in your hoop dance. This trick requires a good grip and coordination, but once mastered, it’s a fantastic way to transition between moves.

Twin hooping involves using two hoops at the same time, opening up a whole new world of tricks and combinations. With twin hoops, you can perform moves like weaves, flowers, anti-spins, and thread the needle.

Creating a Choreography

When you’re ready to string your moves together into a choreographed routine, remember to consider the following:

  1. Music Selection: Choose a song that resonates with you and matches the energy of your planned routine.
  2. Sequence Your Moves: Plan out your tricks and transitions. Start slow, with moves you’re comfortable with, and gradually incorporate more challenging tricks as the routine progresses.
  3. Use the Space: Incorporate movement around your space, not just in one spot. Move forward, backward, side-to-side, and even consider level changes (high, middle, low).
  4. Add Personal Flair: Make your routine unique by adding your style and personality. This could be through your costume, props, or even the emotion you express while performing.
  5. Practice, Practice, Practice: The more you rehearse your routine, the smoother it will be. Practice helps to build muscle memory, making the moves feel more natural over time.

Mastering advanced hula hoop choreographies and routines is a journey that requires patience, practice, and persistence. But with dedication, you can create beautiful, awe-inspiring hoop performances that showcase not just your technical skills, but also your artistic expression. Happy hooping!

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